We have taught the Russians to buy pretty much anything on-line. We were there when Prima TV launched their internet era in Czechia and in the Balkan countries, and we taught Sportisimo customers on-line shopping. And we met in Zonky, helping a small start-up to become a respected competitor to the banks.


Now, we want to make the best of all this experience in Addvery and help companies across and beyond the Czech market digitalize.


We have a great experience, we run projects with major enterprises (whether it´s banks, clinics and catering) and plenty of excitement to work on those to come. That’s why we are looking for other excited fellows (willing to learn from us) who also believe in a digital future, and who will want to bring all interesting companies completely on-line, and offer help to those already hooked to reach the best potential of on-line opportunities.



We are looking for a Business Consultant

In the beginning, you will shadow someone from our team. Soon you will join us to work together on one of our projects. We believe this is the best way of training. In a few weeks, you will be ready to take the project over completely, and maybe you’ll design a complex business project specification for one of the processes and then work out the project into partial tasks, including process mapping and detail functions.

Finally, you will go out on a limb as you will present to the client what you will have created. You may also need to help training or supervise during development.


We see our ideal Business Consultant as an easy-going pal, who can perfectly define the state being and intelligibly propose new solutions. He or She is a perfectionist, who is about to complete his/her university or has just finished one, with perfect English.

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