About us

Company history

Addvery was founded by Pavel Novák and Lukáš Marek in 2020. We came up with the concept of digitization boutique agency while having a beer in a pub, after many years we spent working together as managers in fintech and consulting. During the next pub visit with Štěpán Hykš, we created our first website and we have been busy ever since.

We are helping clients with digitization, risk management or with mining customer data. Addvery can be best characterized by startup mindset combined with deep expertise. We don't sit at long meetings, don't create endless presentations, we are helping our clients do business.

Czech Republic is just the start of our journey, by the end of which we want to run a global agency with clients from Alaska to Kamchatka. During the first few years, Addvery grew to 20 employees and is serving clients from the ranks of large brands.

Together with Michal Rychnovský, we founded the first data analytics hub in Brno, that is now run by Martin Prchal.

Our mission

Business minimalists

We prefer hands-on style of working. We don’t spend too much time on meaningless details; however, we do not deliver useless quick fixes. Functional solution is important to us. Efficiency is at the top of the list. Instead of never-ending PowerPoint presentations we prefer to get things done on the spot and we are not afraid to create a workshop or do what the client is asking for.

We call ourselves business minimalists, because we value clarity and do not complicate things needlessly. We want to be seen as those who do actual things instead of slides and can show our clients the results.

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Digitalisation boutique

Addvery is the answer to everything the companies we had previously worked for were lacking. We would love to have a partner like Addvery back then. A partner that comes up with a functional digital solution quickly. A partner that can look at the problem on hand from a different perspective and delivers a plan with measurable results. Hence, we founded Addvery.

We are primarily focused on consulting and solution implementation, though we are aiming to create our own products targeting specific needs in the future.

Responsibility instead of processes

We have managed to acquire interesting clients quite fast; they keep coming back to us because we have proven we deliver real value. That is our fuel. We have this inner tension within us to overcome ourselves again and again and to have the possibility to change things and set the direction.

We are glad we are growing. We don’t have to think ‘what now’ and set processes because we are growing – we know growth is natural. We have the experience and know it’s our responsibility.

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Our team

Pavel Novák
Managing Partner

In past 14 years I delivered complex projects in digital commerce, credit risk management & customer value management. As a soldier and at the helm of real battles.

Lukáš Marek

I am a soldier with more than a decade of experience in the media and financial business. Key competencies include UX, E2E digital product implementation and omnichannel strategy.

Štěpán Hykš
Engagement Manager

I am an organized and decisive leader with proven track record of successfully launched international products. I have more than 9 years of experience in Digital commerce industry.

Martin Prchal
Head of BI

Utilizing knowledge from two master’s degrees of Mathematics and Economics, I enjoy creating ML models, which help businesses make data driven decisions.

Join our team

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make fun of each other, sometimes quite harshly. Not because we don’t like each other or want to prove something, we trust each other. We want to be in an environment where we can rely on one another and if we must, we talk frankly. No hard feelings. We are allergic to bullshit and laugh hard at motivational quotes on social media. We know what it takes to become really good - you have to work hard and learn even harder to get there. We all have been there.

We share the desire to get into tough, almost impossible tasks and not stop until they’re solved. We don’t go to work to drink coffee and talk; we enjoy solving problems together. We want to make a team known to our clients as smart, ambitious, not afraid to get their hands dirty and able to get the attention of key players. We are not a type of a consulting company that knows too little but talks too much. We value openness, not people scheming behind the scenes. Being tough when necessary and ability to accept constructive criticism are key requirements.