Addvery is a global consulting firm that helps companies in various industries to achieve their primal goals with focus on data and digitalization


Addvery is helping clients with digitalisation through consulting, data analytics, implementation and software development.

Addvery helps businesses with digitization. Our consultants are experts in a vast range of industries and can help you with credit risk management, customer value management, logistics, onboarding and much more.

Addvery Business Inteligence is our data analytics hub. Our experts use machine learning, neural networks, data mining and scoring, segmentation, behavioral analysis and much more to get the most out of your data.

Addvery Digital is a platform inside of Addvery which is helping clients to scale up their business better. We provide mainly support for our clients as development on promise and the general troubleshooting of their digital struggles.


Fintech & Banking

We are helping our partners all over the world to grow even more rapidly than before. In the case of fintech & banking we help our customers with reporting and communication with their clients.


Companies with brick&mortar stores are one of the oldest business at our planet and that is why we decided to help these companies to get into the 21st century with focus on data and customer relationship management.


Integration and new business models is our passion and that is why we had already helped several companies scale up their business with focus on deep dive analysis.

Delivery services

Addvery has developed unique customer-oriented delivery services on both local and international markets and continues to expand into more countries.

Health & Pharma

Even healthcare is looking for innovations what their customer approach depends and that is why we created general customer relationship program for several hospitals as web pages with further data analytics of customers.

Case studies


At Komerční banka (KB) we have participated together with technological company SAS in the extensive project “OLEG” aimed at replacement of the bank’s CRM platform with the new solution CI 360 provided by SAS.

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From evaluation of current capabilities to new business proposition & business model, Addvery is acting as the main integration partner.

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Rohlik Group was investigating ways to implement & scale new CRM tools, segment its customer base and improve the level of personalised offers though all communication channels. Addvery was there to help.

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Our clients

Our partners

Addvery is proud to present ready-made solutions helping your business to grow.

SmsManager is a modern mobile messaging platform for SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Create scenarios for customers and give users full control over their needs. Less time-consuming discussions and more time for real customer support.