Komerční Banka

At Komerční banka (KB) we have participated together with technological company SAS in the extensive project “OLEG” aimed at replacement of the bank's CRM platform with the new solution CI 360 provided by SAS.

At Komerční banka (KB) we have participated together with technological company SAS in the extensive project “OLEG” aimed at replacement of the bank’s CRM platform with the new solution CI 360 provided by SAS. The project’s core focus lies in data-driven and continuous communication with the bank’s customers based on 3 key pillars: personalized, predictive and proactive approach. Due to our extensive experience in the banking sector and with CRM and data, Addvery was the right partner to help with the integration of such a complex solution in such a unique scope in the banking sector in the Czech Republic.

Our role was to lead the implementation from the business point of view and to provide business consulting support in 3 main areas:

1. initial phase (health check)

In this 2-weeks long intensive phase the business’ current capabilities and state of readiness were analyzed in detail, GAP analysis with optimal state was carried out, final evaluation with key recommendations was provided.

2. new campaign strategy, structure and process setup

In the second phase, the role of Addvery was to lead the setup of the new agile structure and corresponding processes with respect to omnichannel-reflecting KPIs. Next step was to design the data models for segmentation and to identify the key segments and target groups. Our last goal was to test the new setup (MVP solution) within the POC segment aiming for a potential rollout across the full scope.

Key aspects:

  • shift from waterfall structure to agile
  • segment-oriented structure
  • overhaul of the process of new communication (activity) creation
  • omnichannel communication
  • shift from focusing on products’ sales to optimization and maximization of LTV (customer lifetime value)


  • speed up TTM (campaign creation time or so called “Time to market”) from 56 days to 10 days
  • increase campaigns conversion rate by 14%
  • increase interaction (open rates, click rates) by 20%

3. reporting

Our final area was the reporting. From designing new reports structure, through attributes mapping, orchestration of building the new data and technological structure, reports creation in Power BI and their final monitoring, Addvery set up brand new solid reporting foundations to be further developed and rolled out across the whole organization.

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