HOME CREDIT Philippines

Philippines’ leading consumer finance company embarked on a mission to elevate their customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives and streamline their leads management processes.

Assisting Home Credit Philippines in Elevating CRM and Leads Management for Enhanced Customer Engagement. 

Philippines’ leading consumer finance company embarked on a mission to elevate their customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives and streamline their leads management processes. In collaboration with Addvery, they aimed to achieve greater clarity and efficiency in these crucial areas of their business operations. 

Health check 

We conducted weeklong on-site investigation for possible areas of improvement.  We identified gaps in four business areas and proposed ways to enhance them. Home Credit Philippines selected two out of the four proposed areas for a subsequent project with Addvery to improve upon. 

Customer lifecycle 

We identified and consequently designed 5 priority use-cases that cover substantial part of customer lifecycle – focused mainly on x-sell efficiency and retention. For the purposes of their future implementation, we created detailed process maps and documentation going over every decision point and data needed. 

The new approach is customer centric – uses customer data and preferences to customize communications. With less frequent but specifically targeted communication we aim to maximize customer x-sales.   

Lead management  

The aim of the project was to improve processes around customer lead creation and its further processing. We explored possible new lead sources, found gaps in current approaches and proposed changes to the process to lower dropout in lead submission process.  

We also set out to create a comprehensive funnel report showing the results of tracking all traffic sources from Initial contact through Lead creation up to Contract signing to help steer marketing efforts. The new funnel design allows to calculate not only the cost per lead for each individual marketing campaign, but the full cost of acquisition and ROI. In places where we have identified gaps in data connections that made it impossible to technically build the whole funnel, we proposed solutions to bridge the gap.  

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