Rohlík Group

Rohlik Group was investigating ways to implement & scale new CRM tools, segment its customer base and improve the level of personalised offers though all communication channels. Addvery was there to help.

Addvery joined Rohlik group in the middle of pandemic times and helped with utilisation of the unmatched growth in both orders and customers. We started from the basics, new CRM tool implementation, governance and data deepdive. During all that, we took reign of the newly created CRM department and started to use all the information Rohlik knows about its customers to be more personal and relevant. From simple batch campaigns to automated welcome and anti-churn trigger based campaigns.
Once we completed our mission in CZ, we prepared the detailed CRM rollout plan for other countries as well, starting in Kifli (HU), Gurkerl (AT) and most recently Knusprt (DE), where Addvery acted as an interim CRM Group squad responsible for all CRM related activities – from knowledge transfer to innovations and development.

Main deliverables:

  • Data structure & Strategy alignment throughout the group & countries
  • Automated flows, triggers & early warnings implemented
  • Interim ownership of CRM squad
  • Complete implementation of the new CRM system
  • Utilisation of Lifecycle & Revenue segmentation of customers, from automated triggers to models estimating the average wallet and next expected shipping date.
  • Daily support of CRM activities – campaign creation, execution, and evaluation
  • Automated Cross & Up-sell campaigns that combines both your shopping history (range, categories, spend) and habit (frequency, shopping cycle)

Other case studies


Relaunching & piloting new loyalty programs across the EU together with enhanced CRM capabilities.

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Komerční Banka

At Komerční banka (KB) we have participated together with technological company SAS in the extensive project “OLEG” aimed at replacement of the bank’s CRM platform with the new solution CI 360 provided by SAS.

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From evaluation of current capabilities to new business proposition & business model, Addvery is acting as the main integration partner.

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HOME CREDIT Philippines

Philippines’ leading consumer finance company embarked on a mission to elevate their customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives and streamline their leads management processes.

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Security Bank

One of the Philippines’ leading banks has approached us with three main areas in which they have sought our help – approval workflows design, business requirements description, databases and processes revision.

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Addvery has built a project in Greece, at the heart of which lies the use of Automated Parcel Machines (lockers). This idea was inspired by the experience of other major market players such as Alza (CZ), Amazon (US), and InPost (PL).

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Küchen Quelle

Supporting Küchen Quelle, an innovative German kitchen designer & seller, to restart & implement its overall marketing strategy from brand awareness through all the customer journey up to efficient CRM and customer engagement.

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